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Did You Flunk Meditation 101?

We know we “should” meditate! Doctors, healers, business coaches and self-help gurus all recommend meditation for better health, clarity, productivity and happiness.

Yet so many of us struggle.

This book is your solution. elevate

Elevate is a simple meditation exercise that allows you a quick re-set with an easy-to-learn structure that will keep you consistent. In just 5 minutes or less, you can take a mental vacation to be in the moment; clear your thoughts, focus your intentions, and increase your vibration. Elevate offers you the perfect tool to enhance your positivity, your creativity, your prosperity and your ability to be a happier person. Elevate is a portable, convenient and effective mindfulness-hack for people who “should” be meditating, but aren’t.

Join the many people who have begun to Elevate toward a greater sense of well-being and a happier life!

a simple meditation to increase happiness and abundance in your life

a simple meditation to increase
and abundance in your life

Dr. Nina Englander has been a practicing chiropractor for over 25 years.

With Elevate, she offers her insight as a seasoned healer, teacher and keen observer of human beings. She resides in Acton, Massachusetts, with her husband, children and chocolate lab.

Dr. Nina’s Blog

Have a Nice Day

One day last week I was driving to work – it was a beautiful summer morning. The sky was clear and blue with that special kind of ‘summer in New England’ warmth. I didn’t have the radio on because listening to the thoughts in my head seemed just as entertaining…

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Teacher Teach Me

I watched the movie, “Amy”, the other night. It’s a sad and poignant film about Amy Winehouse, a uniquely talented young woman who had a troubled life of addiction. The movie was important, as it showed Amy – on her catapult to celebrity – as a human being with…

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The Best Kept Secret

I have been a chiropractor for over 20 years. In that time, I have had many new patients whose story is similar to this: She came in initially because of pain in the lower back. She had been suffering for some time and was fed up. She had been to the doctor and, after..

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